View of the new turf field looking towards Heart Lake Secondary School

TURFS UP! Construction Blog #5

View of the new turf field looking towards Heart Lake Secondary School

Fieldturf Revolution 360 getting laid at Heart Lake Secondary School in Brampton

It’s an exciting couple of days for us as we are finally starting to see the turf laid on the new field. It’s getting closer and closer to completion and to the start of our adult leagues and kids programs. After months of the heavy construction of making sure the base underneath the turf is perfect, the giant rolls of turf are finally being rolled out and stitched together to form the field. We have an amazing crew of installers from Fieldturf here to lay the Revolution 360 turf and the care and attention that they put into getting the field just right is incredible.

There are large sections of the field already covered and within a couple of days all of the area inside the inner oval of the track will be turf.

All of the lines that run side to side across the field come already woven into the turf. In the photo below, you can see the centre line of the full size soccer field, flanked by the blue sidelines of 7v7 fields 2 and 3. When we are playing 7v7 with the field divided into 4, the removable divider net will run the length of the centre line, keeping the ball close at hand for all the 7v7 games.

What about the other field lines?

All of the lines which run in the other direction, like the sides of the penalty boxes and the centre circle etc. are cut into the turf after it is laid, so all of the lines are permanently part of the turf right from the start. After that the “infill” is added to the turf surface the sand and rubber mixture gives the turf the familiar feel that is ideal for the soccer, rugby, lacrosse and other sports that will be played there.

If you would like to get on the field, there are a number of way to do so:

Join one of our Footy Sevens 7v7 soccer leagues which begin in late August. We’ve got men’s women’s and coed soccer available from Sunday to Thursday. You can currently save up to $200 off of the cost of joining one of our leagues.

Brampton Adult Soccer Leagues


Play in the Kicking Cancer’s Butt Charity Tournament and raise money to fight cancer here in Brampton. We’re hosting our first charity soccer tournament at the field on Saturday, August 26th and all of the team fees will be donated directly to the William Osler Health Service Foundation’s oncology unit.

Charity Soccer Tournament in aid of the William Osler Health Service Foundation

Sign your kids up for Footy For All Kids programs. We’ve got fall soccer programs for kids age 4-9 at the new field beginning in the first week of September.


Rent the field: If you are looking to rent the field, it is available to rent as either a full size soccer, lacrosse, rugby or other sport field or as smaller, individual 7v7 soccer fields.

Turf Centre

Fieldturf Revolution 360 getting laid at Heart Lake Secondary School in Brampton




Kicking Cancer’s Butt Charity Soccer Tournament

KIcking Cancer's Butt Charity Soccer Tournament

New Date: Saturday September 23rd

Heart Lake Secondary School, Brampton

7vs7 Coed Soccer Tournament

Your team can take part in this wonderful event with a minimum donation of only $250. All of the money raised will fund essential cancer treatment and research in the city and EVERY PENNY OF EVERY TEAM FEE OR DONATION GOES STRAIGHT TO THE WILLIAM OSLER HS FOUNDATION. We’ve pledged to outfit an entire room in the oncology wing by raising at least $25,000 over the next 5 years and you can play a big part in that just by playing soccer!

The tournament is a one day 7-a-side coed soccer tournament and will take place outdoors at the brand new 7-a-side fields at Heart Lake Secondary School in Brampton which will open in August. What better way could there be to bring your summer soccer season to a close and get a chance to try out the new facility?


Each coed 7-a-side team will play a minimum of 3 games during their round robin section. The top two from each 4 team section will go through to the playoffs and from then on it’s knockout format until we crown a champion.


  • Saturday 27th August: 12.00pm-4.30pm: round robin group stages: all teams will play a minimum of 3 x 30 minute games.
  • Saturday 27th of August 4.30pm-6.30pm: playoffs, single elimination knock-out format to crown Brampton’s first Kicking Cancer’s Butt champion.

Charity Coed Soccer Tournament in Brampton


Team Registration is now open.

Teams register for the tournament by clicking here to go to the tournament page on the Toronto Footy Sevens Website. Click on the “Register a Team” link, fill in your details and your team’s name and we will send you details of how to make your online donation to the William Osler HS Foundation by e-mail within 24 hours of you registering your team.


The tournament isn’t just for teams: individuals don’t need to miss out just because they don’t have a full team to register. Individual registration is also open. Register for the tournament at the Footy Sevens tournament page and click to register as an individual. JUst like the team registrations, we’ll send you details of how to make your donation to the William Osler HS foundation.


If you have any questions e-mail please Chris at


The Bonus is Back: $200 off fall 7v7 soccer leagues until July 31st


$200 off of team registration and $35 off individual registrations

From now until the end of July, we’ve taken $200 off the price of all team registrations and $35 off if you register as an individual. This offer applies to all men’s, women’s and coed 7v7 leagues on the Toronto Footy Sevens website. Just go to our website, register for any league, and the discount is automatically applied off of the regular price.

The leagues start at the end of August (August 27th-31st) and with the start of our fall leagues just over a month away, we’re offering a huge saving for those registering before the end of the month. This offer makes the leagues not only the best per game value in Brampton, but in the whole of the GTA!

And who knows, if you follow us on twitter or facebook, there may even be a flash sale today with an extra discount coming up to save you even more. . .

Team Registration

Regular price $875-$925 (+HST), price with discount: $625-$675 (+HST)

Individual Registration

Regular price: $105-$115 (+HST), price with discount: $55-$65 (+HST)

Captains: Reserve your team’s space with a $250 deposit

And don’t forget captains: you don’t have to pay the whole of your team’s fee up front. Team spaces can be reserved with a $250 deposit, rather than captains having to carry the whole team fee on their credit card! The remaining balance can be settled anytime before the league starts.

All of the leagues will be played on our purpose-built 7v7 fields in Brampton. Construction is well underway on our new home field at Heart Lake Secondary School, 296 Conestoga Drive, Brampton and the leagues will be kicking off in late August. All league games are refereed and are open for team and individual registration.

Go to the Toronto Footy Sevens website for details or to sign up or e-mail with any questions.


Construction of new field and track at Heart Lake Secondary School

On Track: Construction Blog #4

Heart Lake Secondary school new track construction

The asphalt for the track in place at Heart Lake Secondary School

We’re starting to see noticeable changes on the project each week as the track and turf get closer and closer to completion. The major change over the past few days has been the asphalt being laid in layers between the two curbs which had already been installed. The asphalt forms the basis for the track with the high tech “rubber” layer laid on top of the smooth surface to give the energy return and tactile feel that are the hallmark of modern track surfaces.

The base layer beneath the turf continues to be constructed layer by layer and the drainage system is now in place. The top layers (of the base) are being worked on to get it up to the exacting specifications required before the turf layer gets put into place. It won’t be long until we see the huge rolls of green turf appear on site, ready to be rolled out onto the field like a carpet and stitched together once laid into place.

We are still on target for a mid-August completion date and leagues, rentals and programming will start in mid to late August. Out kids programming will begin in early September after the schools go back.

We’ll be posting regular updates on the construction of the new field and track at Heart Lake Secondary, 296 Conestoga Drive, Brampton on For details of our upcoming adult 7v7 soccer leagues and field rentals go to and for kids programs, check us out at our FootyForAll website or contact us at

Individual registration for Brampton Soccer Leagues

Much love for individual players!


Finding the right place to play isn’t always easy for individual players.

Have you ever been unable to join a league because you can’t find enough players to form a full team and end up missing out? There are some places where you don’t even get a response to your call or e-mail if you don’t have a full team lined up, and many don’t allow any form of individual registration.

That’s not the case at Toronto Footy Sevens. We’ve got “much love” for indies at Toronto Footy Sevens.

Everyone has times when they want to play an extra night, at a different venue or try a new league and they can’t get their usual teammates to commit. Or sometimes you are new to the area, trying a new sport or just looking to meet new people.

We reserve at least one team space exclusively for individual players in ALL of our leagues. We’ll match up individual registrants and small groups of players to form a full team and even provide them with a set of umbro or adidas jerseys so that they look a feel like a team right from the start.

Individual players have been a big part of our leagues in Ottawa since the start and we expect it to be the same in Brampton. We still have plenty of individual teams across all of our Ottawa leagues and plenty of opportunity for indies to sign up. There are quite a few teams around our leagues who started out as a team of individual sign-ups that have ended up playing together for many years.

How does it work? . . . it’s easy and hassle free.

1. Go to
2. Choose which league is ideal for you. (Click on the details button for kickoff times, location, start and finish dates and all the other info you need)
3. Click to register as an individual, fill in your details and pay online.
4. Once you’ve registered, we’ll put you on one of our individual teams, take care of all the admin and everything you need.
5. You just need to show up on the first day of the league, collect your team shirt, meet your teammates and play.

And if you have another player or a group of friends you want to play on the same team as, just let us know when you register and we’ll make sure you are all on the same team.

Sound good to you?

See you out there on the field!

And don’t forget, all of our games are on brand new, purpose-built 7vs7 turf soccer fields at Heart Lake Secondary School in Brampton. Full details at:

Umbro 7vs7 soccer shirt

The first batch of individuals team shirts have arrived!

Toronto Footy Sevens field in Brampton

Taking Shape: Construction Blog #3

Track and Field construction in Brampton

The flat base that the turf will be laid on top of is nearing completion. The shape of the running track and the floodlights can clearly be seen.

As you can see from the latest photos, it’s starting to look more like a field and less like a building site at Heart Lake Secondary School in Brampton. There is still a long way to go, but the field and track is starting to take shape. The base for the field is currently being constructed ready for the turf to go on top. The filtering system and drainage are being put in, and the the rolls of turf for the field will be delivered next week. Laying the turf will begin later in the month.

As we wrote in our previous post, the lights are already installed and both the inner and outer curbs for the track are in place. The asphalt for the track will start to be laid later this week.

We are still on target for a mid-August completion date and leagues, rentals and programming will start in August.

We’ll be posting regular updates on the construction of the new field and track at Heart Lake Secondary, 296 Conestoga Drive, Brampton on For details of our upcoming adult 7v7 soccer leagues, kids programs and field rentals go to or contact us at

Heart Lake Secondary School

The latest view of the field and track looking towards the building