Much love for individual players!


Finding the right place to play isn’t always easy for individual players.

Have you ever been unable to join a league because you can’t find enough players to form a full team and end up missing out? There are some places where you don’t even get a response to your call or e-mail if you don’t have a full team lined up, and many don’t allow any form of individual registration.

That’s not the case at Toronto Footy Sevens. We’ve got “much love” for indies at Toronto Footy Sevens.

Everyone has times when they want to play an extra night, at a different venue or try a new league and they can’t get their usual teammates to commit. Or sometimes you are new to the area, trying a new sport or just looking to meet new people.

We reserve at least one team space exclusively for individual players in ALL of our leagues. We’ll match up individual registrants and small groups of players to form a full team and even provide them with a set of umbro or adidas jerseys so that they look a feel like a team right from the start.

Individual players have been a big part of our leagues in Ottawa since the start and we expect it to be the same in Brampton. We still have plenty of individual teams across all of our Ottawa leagues and plenty of opportunity for indies to sign up. There are quite a few teams around our leagues who started out as a team of individual sign-ups that have ended up playing together for many years.

How does it work? . . . it’s easy and hassle free.

1. Go to
2. Choose which league is ideal for you. (Click on the details button for kickoff times, location, start and finish dates and all the other info you need)
3. Click to register as an individual, fill in your details and pay online.
4. Once you’ve registered, we’ll put you on one of our individual teams, take care of all the admin and everything you need.
5. You just need to show up on the first day of the league, collect your team shirt, meet your teammates and play.

And if you have another player or a group of friends you want to play on the same team as, just let us know when you register and we’ll make sure you are all on the same team.

Sound good to you?

See you out there on the field!

And don’t forget, all of our games are on brand new, purpose-built 7vs7 turf soccer fields at Heart Lake Secondary School in Brampton. Full details at:

Umbro 7vs7 soccer shirt

The first batch of individuals team shirts have arrived!

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