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Heart Lake Secondary School New Field Construction

The view from the north of the field, looking over the work that has gone on so far: it’s not much to look at yet, but it will be a fantastic sports facility once complete.

We’ll be posting regular updates on the construction of the new field and track at Heart Lake Secondary, 296 Conestoga Drive, Brampton on For details of our upcoming adult 7v7 soccer leagues, kids programs and field rentals go to

Construction Update: June 11th

Construction has been underway for a few weeks and, as you would expect, there’s already been a remarkable transformation on the field.

Despite the torrential rain over the past couple of weeks, we are still on target for a mid-August completion date and leagues, rentals and programming will start in August.

Field and Track Construction

A lot of the work going on just now is some of the heaviest work that goes into building the field and track. The removal of the old goals, tearing our the aging asphalt and then stripping off the top soil and sublayer from the existing field is underway.

The soccer field and track have an extensive drainage system to make sure that they can be used in wet weather, and the drainage is already in place. The concrete curb that is the outside boundary of the turf and the inside boundary of the track is now in place and you can see it in the photos below.

What’s Next?

The asphalt that lies beneath the rubberised surface of the track will be laid in the next couple of weeks, but the turf soccer field surface will not start to get laid until July.

We’ll update the progress of the field every couple of weeks on For information about field rental please contact us at

Track and field construction at Heart Lake Secondary School, Brampton

Before and After. The old dirt track will be replaced with a brand new modern track surface. The new concrete kerb that will form the boundary between the turf field surface and the new track can be seen in the 2nd photo.

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